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Beware of Spam & Phishing emails

Beware of Spam & Phishing emails

Spam-programwitchThe campus receives frequent unauthorized emails asking our campus members to verify email account information and to include your password in the response or to visit a bogus website and enter your account information. Information Technology would like to thank those that recognize these email messages as a scam and reported them to the email address.

You may periodically receive this type of scam email asking you for confidential information that claims that it came from TCNJ. These emails are “phishing” attempts and are not legitimate requests for information.

Please be assured that we will never ask you to submit your password via email or ask you to provide your password to a “verification” form at an off-campus location. Your password is confidential information and should not be shared with anyone.

For more information on phishing emails, please visit the phishing information page.

For more information on email security in general, Please visit the email security page.