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Changes to Printing/Copying in the Library & Labs

Changes to Printing/Copying in the Library & Labs

As part of its commitment to environmental and financial sustainability, the College of New Jersey is pleased to announce the implementation of an improved PrintSense print/copy management solution in the library and campus computer labs. This enhanced PrintSense program will:

  • Manage, control and reduce print/copy costs
  • Increase print/copy efficiency and effectiveness
  • Streamline print/copy operations
  • Improve print/copy productivity
  • Provide state of the art print/copy services to students, faculty and staff such as secure release of print/copy jobs and mobile/web printing to library printers

For more information on this new system and how it will impact your printing/copying, please visit the PrintSense web site:

You will not be charged should you need to print in the library or a lab.


You will use your GetIt card for payment of printing and copying services in the Library and computer labs on campus. The costs of printing and copying will be deducted from your GetIt card balance. The cost of printing/copying remains the same as last year ($0.05 per black/white copy, $2.00 per color-art lab/PPhaser printers). If you intend to print or copy, you will need to deposit funds to your GetIt card account. To manage your account or add funds go to:

For more information on how the GetIt system works, please visit:

Note that if you have insufficient funds in your GetIt card’s balance, you will get a pop-up message like the following:
printing denied