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Mail Server Settings

Mail Server Settings

Please note that these directions are for setting up an email client to work with Zimbra (faculty/staff email) and not with Google Apps (student email).  For students, please visit this link for information.

When using an email client (ie. Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora etc.), you will be required to enter an INCOMING server and an OUTGOING server.





Please be certain the email client settings are using the secure configuration information found here:


imaps:,  port 993,  ssl/tls security,  normal password auth

smtps:,  port 465,  ssl/tls security,  normal password auth


For users required to use POP (not recommended), please use secure pop3s on port 995.


Tbird IMAP screenshot  Tbird SMTP settings


Step by step instructions for updating Thunderbird