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Thunderbird Information

Thunderbird Information

We hope you find this page useful in answering some of your questions that you may have concerning the new email software package.  If you can’t find the answer to your question, please send us an email at or call us at x2660.


Layout & Preferences

Working with Emails

Address Book

Junk Mail Filter


Managing Folders

E-mail Accounts

Layout & Preferences

To reply above quoted text

  1. Click Tools , Account Settings, then Composition & Addressing
  2. Add checkmark at Automatically quote the original message when replying
  3. Click on down arrow at Then, & select Start my reply above the quote

To view number of Unread Messages & Total Messages

  1. Click on Inbox, Sent, or other folder
  2. Total Messages & Unread Messages of folder appear on status bar (Lower, right)

To view percentage of account space used

  1. Right click on Inbox on server & select Properties
  2. Click on Quota Tab
  3. The percent of used space (Quota) is displayed
  4. Click OK to close window

To sort any column by alphabetical order

  1. Click on heading bar to sort in ascending order  (Triangle points downward) – Subject, Sender, Date, Status
  2. Click on a heading bar again to sort in descending order (Triangle points upward)
  3. Triangle points upward

To add columns containing more information – (Subject, Sender, Date, Status, Size, Priority.. )

  1. Click on icon on header row to view list of available headers
  2. Left click option to add

To set mail notification

  1. Click Tools, Options, then the “General” tab
  2. When Thunderbird is installed, a Mail Notifier will automatically appear on System Tray (Bottom, right)
  3. When a new message is received, add check mark at “Show Alert”.  If Thunderbird is open, a small window appears above the System Tray (Bottom, right)

Working with Emails

To attach a file

  1. Open a new message composition window (Click Write button)
  2. Click on the Attach button
  3. Click on down arrow at Look in to locate file
  4. Click Open to attach
  5. Attachment(s) appear on right side of message composition window

To attach a webpage

  1. In a web browser, copy webpage address to attach to email by right clicking on web address on location bar & select Copy
  2. Open a new message composition window (Click Write button)
  3. Click on the down arrow at Attach button
  4. Select Webpage
  5. Right click & then select Paste to paste address into dialogue box
  6. Click OK to attach

To set Spell check to check all emails for spelling errors before sending

  1. Click Tools, Options, Composition, “Spelling” tab .
  2. Add checkmark at “Check Spelling before Sending
  3. Click OK

To view Attachments

  1. Double click on attachment name
  2. Dialogue box appears to prompt user to open with the default application, open with (specified program) or Save it to Disk
  3. If the correct default application is listed, then click on first option – to open with default application
    • The file will be saved as a temp file
    • If you want to save the file to view again, save it to a new location
  4. To save without opening the file, select  Save it to disk
    • Change to appropriate drive to save ( H:\, C:\…)

To send email as return receipt

  1. Open new message composition window (Write)
  2. Click Options, then Return Receipt

Address Book

To add users to Address Book

  1. Click on address on received email
  2. Select Add to Address Book

To delete users from Address Book

  1. Click on Address Book button
  2. Locate address to delete
    • Click on column heading to sort in Ascending order.  Click again to sort in descending order
  3. Click on Address Book entry to select
  4. Click Delete button on Menu Bar (or press Delete key on keyboard)

Junk Mail Filter

Setting the Junk Mail Filter

  1. Cclick on Tools , Junk Mail Controls & then Adaptive Filters tab.
  2. Add checkmark at Enable Adaptive Junk Mail Detection
  3. Click on Settings Tab. Add checkmark at White List, Do not mark messages as junk mail if the sender is in my address boo k.
  4. At Handling add checkmark at Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to & then select Junk folder on
  5. Add checkmark at When displaying HTML messages mark as junk, sanitize the HTML

To mark incoming message(s) as junk

  1. Click next to the message in the Junk column
  2. To change message marked as Junk to Not Junk, click on the pail icon in the Junk column
  3. Delete email to move to Trash


  • Email marked as Junk will be filtered to a new folder called Junk.
  • Legitimate email may mistakenly be filtered into the folder until the software recognizes “Junk“.
  • Periodically check the Junk folder, click on the pail icon to identify email as Not Junk & then move it to another folder.

Managing Folders

To create new folders on Local Mail & IMAP

  1. Right click on INBOX or Local Folders & select New Folder
  2. Type new folder name
  3. Email/Folders saved on IMAP will appear when accessing email on any computer via webmail or other email client
  4. Email/Folders saved on Local Mail are saved onto the computer the folders were created on & will only be visible from that computer
    • Email/Folders saved on Local Mail do not use space on unix account

To move email to another folder  

  1. Folders appear on left of screen & email messages appear on the right side
  2. Use scroll bars so that the folder to move the email to appears
  3. Use scroll bars to locate folder with email & click on folder to have email appear on right side of screen
  4. To highlight a block of emails
    • 1. Click on first email message
    • 2. Hold Shift key on keyboard
    • 3. Click on last email for block
    • 4. Release Shift key
  5. To highlight non-adjacent emails
    • 1. Click on first email message
    • 2. Hold Control key on keyboard
    • 3. Click on other email messages to highlight
    • 4. Release Control key
  6. With right mouse button, click & drag email to new folder
  7. Release button & select Move

Email Accounts

To add a second account (Ex., Department or Project account):

Click on Tools, Account Settings & then Add Account (Lower, left)

    1. Follow Account Wizard
      • Select Email Account
      • Click Next
      • Type full name & email address & click Next
      • Select IMAP
      • Incoming server:,  port 993,  ssl/tls security,  normal password auth
      • Outgoing,  port 465,  ssl/tls security,  normal password auth

For users required to use POP (not recommended), please use secure pop3s on port 995