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 Here are some useful links to guides and manuals for use with Zimbra.

Changes with the latest Zimbra upgrade
The Full Zimbra 7.0 User Guide

Create a Vacation Message
Forward Your Zimbra Email to Another Account
Email Drafts
Add the Global Campus Calendar

Zimbra Frequently Asked Questions

Email FAQ

What is the web address to log-on to Zimbra?

The web address is

Can I use an email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, with Zimbra?

Yes.  Zimbra allows email clients to be used.  Note that you will need to be careful setting up your email client if you will be using it off campus. Directions can be found at this link.

Can I use Thunderbird local folders with Zimbra?

The use of local folders is not supported via the web based Zimbra client access, however, local folders can be accessed as long as you continue to use the Thunderbird client software. Information Technology is continuing to investigate the possibility of alternate email storage solutions. The campus community will be notified once a solution has been identified.

What are the email server settings to use with Zimbra?

Please visit to see the settings that are needed.

How much space do I have with Zimbra?

All Faculty/Staff receive 2 gigabytes of space by default.

How long will I be able to store emails in the junk or trash folders in Zimbra?

TCNJ has implemented a new procedure that removes emails from the Junk and Trash folders after 10 days.  You will need to review these emails with the 10 day time frame and store them in a separate folder if they are wanted emails.

Can I switch the inbox to view messages by sender rather than date?

If you view your messages in the “Message View” mode, you can click on the “From” column header. This will sort the message senders alphabetically, or reversed if you click again.  Similarly, you can sort by “Subject” or “Received.” However, if you view your messages in the “Conversation View” mode, you can only sort by Subject and Received, not by From.

Can I add graphics/logos to the Zimbra signature?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that when you’re creating your signature, you’re doing so in HTML mode, not Plain Text.

Why does my Drafts folder in Zimbra keep saying I have messages in it when I know I don’t?

This has to do with the difference in the way that Zimbra handles drafts versus the way Thunderbird does it. To clear this up, go into Thunderbird, right-click on your Drafts folder, and select “Compact”.

How can I setup Zimbra to spell check my email automatically prior to sending?

Go into Zimbra preferences, click on “Composing” on the left, and put a check-mark in the box called “Mandatory spellcheck before sending a message”. Be sure to click “Save” at the top of the screen. Note that when you use this feature, each time you send an email Zimbra will tell you how many errors it has found. If you opt to look at the errors, they will be highlighted in yellow. Simply left-click on the error, and tell the system to ignore, or add to dictionary (or correct), as needed.

How do return receipts work in Zimbra?

Read Receipt options are set in the Preferences screen of Zimbra. Go into Preferences, and click on “Mail” on the left. On the right side, scroll down to the “Read Receipt” section under “Receiving Messages” and select your option. Be sure to click “Save” when done.

When sending an email for which you wish a read receipt, in the email composition window, click the “Options” button (to the far right of the “Send” button) and select “Request Read Receipt”. Note that even though you request a read receipt, you may not get one, as in the Preferences, you can set your account to ignore all read receipt requests.

Is there a way for Zimbra to notify you of a new email message that has come in?

There are a couple of ways you can be notified. In Zimbra, go to the Preferences tab, and click on “Mail” on the left. Then, on the right, under “Receiving Messages”, the first set of options have to do with Zimbra alerting you to a new message. Select the option(s) you wish, and click “Save”.

Is there a way to print an email message before you send it?

Save your message as a draft. Then you can go to your draft folder (now bolded since you have a draft in it), and single click on the message. You’ll see the Zimbra menu bar with a Print icon. Double click to edit the message or send.

How do I compose messages in HTML as opposed to plain text?

For a single email, in the email composition screen, click the “Options” button to the far right, and select “Format as HTML”. If you want all of your emails to be HTML formatted, go into Preferences, click on “Composing” on the left, and then on the right, select the option for “As HTML”. Click “Save” when finished.

How do I make the BCC field show along with the TO and CC fields?

In the email composition screen, click the “Show BCC” link at the far right next to the “CC” field.

Is there a way to customize your dictionary?

Yes. If you’re using the spell check function, you can left-click on words that Zimbra thinks are mis-spelled, and add them to your dictionary.

Is there a way to sort sent mail?

Sent mail, or mail in any folder you’ve created, can be sorted by simply clicking on the header (“To”, “Subject”, “Sent”, etc).

How can I delete (or file, or mark as junk) more than one message at a time?

To select all of the messages on your screen, click the check box next to the red flag in the email header or click the first message, then hold down your Shift key and click the last one. The first and last messages, along with all of the ones between, are now selected and can be moved or deleted. To select only certain emails from your list, click the first, then hold down your Ctrl key and click on the others to select them.

Address Book FAQ.

Got a question? Let us know!

Calendar FAQ

How can I view meetings that last for less than half an hour without opening the event?

Mouse over the event and hover on the calendar for more information on the event.

How can email meeting requests go to the calendar administrator, not the calendar owner?

Create a filter for notification messages (the Help Desk can help you with this if you don’t know how)

How can I accept proposed meetings for the calendar of someone else if I manage their calendar?

To accept/decline events for someone else, select their calendar while logged into your Zimbra account, right click on the event, and select accept or decline.

How do I view two meetings scheduled for the same time?

When viewing your calendar, the two meetings will appear to overlap, so each is partly visible, and you can click on either one as needed.

How can I save an email I’m working on if I have to switch to my calendar to view something and then return to the email?

When composing an email, it appears as a new tab, to the right of the Preferences tab. You can simply click the Calendar tab, check whatever you need to check, and then switch back to the composing tab. You can have multiple composition tabs open at one time.

If I decline an invitation, why do I still see it on my calendar in a pale color?

This is a feature of the calendar system. After declining a meeting, you can delete it from your calendar if you don’t want it at all. The idea is that you could later decide to accept the meeting if your schedule changes.

How can I view only the appointments that have been set with a specific tag?

To view appointments by tag color, click on the colored tag on the Pane (left). Only those tags selected will appear on the calendar.

To view all appointments again, click on Refresh button on Zimbra toolbar.

General Zimbra FAQ

I do not own an iPhone or a Windows Mobile device.  Can I use another PDA device with Zimbra?

We have a website set up for mobile support of phone. Here’s the link.

Please be advised that the college provides limited support for personal phone configuration.

What if I need more help with Zimbra?

Zimbra has a built in help resource. Answers to many questions can be found by clicking on the Help Icon. Help Icon

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, the Help Desk has people trained in Zimbra to help you. Call the Help Desk at 2660, visit, or send an email to