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PeopleSoft Systems

PeopleSoft Systems (YESS, EIS, SA, Financials)

This document contains best practices and hints that are useful
in solving browser related problems when trying to use web
interfaces to The College of New Jersey EIS, SA and Financial
you will find: This document
may change on a daily basis, so please hit “Refresh” when
first pulling it up to get the latest copy.


Common Errors & Quick Fixes

Best Practices & Tips

Recommended Browsers

These browsers have
been tested to work well with EIS, SA and Financials.

Clearing of Cache & Cookies

General Browser Issues

List of known errors,
and possible ways to fix them.

Errors & Fixes (For Advanced Users)

Common Errors & Quick Fixes
Problem Quick Fix
500 page
There are many
causes for this error. If you get
it every time you try to log in and view ANY page, you probably
have the Content Advisor on.If you are
getting this occasionally, it may be because of a recent Microsoft
patch. The next Microsoft IE patch will probably fix
it.[See below for more info.]
You PeopleSoft session has expired I received
message after
typed in my Username and password. Most likely,
your computer has not been restarted for more than 24 days. Restart your computer.
Save Requests The user resubmits a page with a requested action
of save while the server is processing that save–before the
page is returned from the server with an indication that the
page has been saved. Users need wait for the
save indicator to return prior to submitting a subsequent

Best Practices & Tips
Issue Tips
Web Browser Sessions When you are done with a browser session, sign out and shut the browser down completely. Start another browser session when switching to a completely different system or when you need another session.

How It Works

Behind the scenes certain information is built and retained on the workstation to help the workstation and the web server communicate more quickly. This information could interfere with subsequent browser sessions if not cleaned up. Shutting down the browser between sessions clears this information.

Cache & Cookies Periodically clear a workstations cache & cookies. (See Below) For how to do this, as it can differ depending on Operating System, browser type, and sometimes browser version.

How It Works

Cache helps (speeds up) a workstations connect time with web sites that have been visited previously by keeping information about that connection on the workstation so that it does not have to be downloaded again. Cache can become corrupt or outdated and may hinder the web page output & connection instead of assisting it. Clearing cache rebuilds the remembered information to new versions. Clearing cache also removes unnecessary information held in cache from web sites that were only visited once and is no longer needed.

Maximize Window Once in the PS application, you may want to resize the Browser window to best accommodate the contents of The Peoplesoft page, or press F11 to maximize the window.
Browser Shortcuts/ Bookmarks When creating navigation shortcuts (such as Favorites) to a PeopleSoft application, capture the application home page.

Recommended Browsers
Operating System Minimum Compatible Browsers
Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP Internet Explorer version 6.0.28 or aboveFireFox, or Mozilla
Macintosh FireFox, Netscape 7.2, or MozillaFor optimal performance, users should be running OS X 10.3. AIS will function adequately under classic and earlier versions of OS X.
Sun/Solaris Mozilla

These browser guidelines are for accessing Financials and EIS Systems. Using other browsers, non-compatible browsers, or disabling browser features, such as JavaScript, Cookies, SSL, or enabling Content advisor, will reduce site functionality. Advanced functionality such as Peoplesoft Reports, forms, and financial reports may require other software, such as an Office – compatible product or the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Clearing of Cache & Cookies
Browser Method
Windows Internet Explorer(Version 6.0.28) To find the browser version, click on “Help” then “About Internet Explorer” to find the version at the middle of the pop-up page.First open the browser, then go to Tools > Internet Options, at the middle of the “General” Tab under “Temporary Files”Click “Delete Files”, then check the “Delete all offline content” and “OK”

Click “Delete Cookies” and “OK”

General Browser Issues
Issue Recommendation
Internet Explorer PeopleSoft recommends Internet Explorer +Because many OS’s have different setups, one browser may not work as well as another. Internet Explorer is the recommended Web Browser.
Menu Items Won’t Display The web page seems to display correctly but when I click on a specific menu item, nothing happens — no error messages, no results, it just sits there.Two issues have now been associated with this condition.First: This is an indication the workstation / web browser installed on the workstation does not support JavaScript.

This is quite typical of older browsers. Also check for any pop-up blocker software running.

Second: Corrupt cache or internet files.

The user should clear cache and files first. If this does not correct the condition, completely shut the workstation down (power off) and leave if off for about 2 minutes. If this does not correct the condition contact call a member of the (x2660)

Menu Items Won’t Display After Browser Upgrade We have seen this problem with workstations where the installation of the browser was faulty, the workstation had very little RAM, the workstation had so many programs loaded the RAM became polluted quickly, multiple browsers were running and conflicting with each other, or “popup blocker” prevented pop up panels from displaying.
bea.jolt.ApplicationException This error means that either the User ID or the password you entered is incorrect.


Please be sure you are entering the correct User ID in upper case or correct case as given.Please request a password reset or use the. If this persist. Please call the Help Desk at (x2660)

bea.jolt.ApplicationExceptionand Username and Password are Correct   This condition is temporary and is usually not hard to overcome. This has been known to happen after a pin reset, after a failed login, a wrong username, if the user was not signed out correctly, or if the user is logged in elsewhere.


Close the browser, clear your cache, and then login again. Another possible fix is to have someone else log into your browser & log back out. If this doesn’t fix it, please call the (x2660)

Page Cannot be Displayed I get this error when I attempt to start up certain menu selections.This problem has been seenwithout cause or relation to any event or clicking sequence. We have been unable to reproduce it but know that it can arise hardly ever or several times a day. We are continuing to look for its cause.


The first thing to try is the “back” button. Aside from a random “page cannot be displayed” this problem may also can be caused if the menu item is actually offline for maintenance work. It can also be a temporary browser or network problem. The recommendation to deal with this is to try to use the back key and return to the previous screen, click again on the menu item that caused this error, or hit the refresh button as needed to see if the menu item will reload. If nothing else works, please report the problem to the Help Desk at (x2660)

Message from the NSAPI plug-in: No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds. This condition is temporary and is usually not hard to overcome. This can happen when the refresh button is pushed or the connection remains idle for an extended period. We are working to resolve this issue.


You can solve this problem by hitting the back button or the refresh button again or going to a different web page and then hitting the back button again.

On Windows XP using the IE 6.0.28 Browser, I can’t access the page – it doesn’t redirect, nor show the login page You do not have the proper encryption on your browser.


Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab

Hit “Restore Defaults”

Near the bottom under Security there is a “Use TLS 1.0” option. Make sure this is checked.

Hit OK and refresh the page.

On Windows XP using the IE 6.0.28 Browser, I can’t access the page – it doesn’t redirect, nor show the login page, although it looks like it is loading You have the incorrect time on your computer (ahead by 3 or more hours), causing cookies to not expire.


Reset the time on your computer by right-clicking the clock in the Start bar, selecting “Adjust date/time” and setting the date and time to the current.

ERROR 500 page The reason for this error depends on how often you get the error and what you are doing at that time. If you get the Error 500 or Not Logged In page whenever you try to log in, you probably have the content advisor enabled. If you get the Error 500 sporadically, it is probably due to the latest Windows Patch.


Disable the Content Advisor in Tools > Internet Options > Content. If you have disabled it and you still get the Error 500/not logged in consistently, See KB 242037 at;en-us;242037 for more information

The latest windows patch causing Error 500 sporadically is a conflict with the IE patch. It should be fixed in the next Windows patch.

Immediately after putting in my correct username and password, the page says “Your PeopleSoft connection has expired.”–OR-Accessing the Student Page options (checking grades, etc) brings up a “Not Logged In” error

If the button says “Disable”, click it to Disable the Content Advisor. If the button says “Enable”, the Content Advisor is already disabled. Try clearing your Cache while you are logged out.

I received blank screens that don’t load; or an error message about the Portal can not give me the page while I am trying to log on./I can get in but after the time out it gives me blank pages The cause for this is unknown yet. We are researching on it. Clear cache and then close the browser, open a new browser and then type the url.
I received “Error 500–Internal Server Error, from RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol–HTTP/1.1: 10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request” while logging on. This has been attributed to a Microsoft patch for IE (832894)


The patch that fixes this is 831167, available at the following location:>

I can not display General Journal Entry under Administrative Financial > Department List > General Accounting or others like Check Request under Account Payable. There is no error message. However, browser status bar will say “a pop-up window was blocked” This will happen to user using Internet Explorer 6.0.28 and implemented Windows XP SP2. Pop-up window will be blocked by default under SP2.


Add to exceptions list under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy | Pop-up Blocker Settings while keep the Pop-up Blacker on (It is also accessible from Tools |Pop-up blockers > Pop-up blocker settings). If this does not work, pop-up blocker has to be off.

Also, user needs check the Pop-up Blocker installed from Yahoo, MSN or other commercial venders to make sure it is off in order to display this form.

As soon as I clicked on the Login In Screen, I received “your PeopleSoft session has expired….” This will happen to a computer that has not been restarted for more than 24 days and is a known issue and PeopleSoft is working on it.Users are not in the same time zone as webserver so expiration time of Webserver Time + offset is not valid for users who are beyond the offset period.


Clear cache and cookies, then restart the computer will resolve the problem.

Check the PC time and time zone on the clock setting in lower right hand corner (time).

Time Zone=GMT, Eastern US, and Canada

Errors and Fixes (For Advanced Users)
Issue Fix
Query Results Incomplete The results of a query differ between the Excel results and the viewed or CSV results.More than likely you are having the browser open the Excel file instead of downloading it & opening it up with Excel. Opening the document in thebrowser seems to not be able to handle more than 180 lines.Download the .xls file, and then open it with your MS Excel program to view the entire query results.

If your browser does not ask you whether you want to save it or open it, go to:

My Computer > View > Folder Options > File Types > .XLS (Microsoft Excel Worksheet)

> Edit

Make sure “Confirm Open after Download” is checked.

Menu Not Showing


After I hit “PeopleTools” the Menu items are not showing up underneath it, though I have gotten it before.If you have seen it before and your access hasn’t been changed, you still have access to MenuMore than likely, your cache has become corrupt and that’s why you can’t see it.Log off, clear your cache and cookies, close the browser, and try again.
Entire panel too long for the browser The panel runs off to the side of the browser, making it difficult to view the information.There is too much information for the little space the browser is allowing. You need to create more working space.First, maximize the browser.

Next, maximize the work space by following #3 at the “Best Practices and Tips” above.

General Journal Entry Form Every other form I can see, but this one will not come up for me.This particular form is run with a PERL script and is behind a firewall. You must have an on-campus IP to view this form.Call Client Support Group to have your IP Subnet added to the firewall, or use a computer that is on campus.
Student Page will not show, although the Employee & other tabs show fine. Content advisor is blocking some information on the student page.Turn off the Content Advisor by going to content manager information in Tools > Internet Options > Content > then Disable the Content Advisor.
My password seems to have to be reset every morning More than likely the user has a PeopleSoft role, and their password is starting with a special character.Try creating a password that has a special character in it, but not as the first character. If you are still having problems, call the Client Support Group.
User can only access their “Change Password” hyperlink; Password has expired. Your password has expired, please change it to an 8 character/numeric combined password.Please call your security administrator for more details regarding roles/permission issues.
I get disconnected when working in panels and I change panels, especially when I get a mixed content notification box (a ‘Security Information’ panel comes up and advises that “This page contains both secure and non secure items. Do you want to display the non secure items?”)  When I click on an answer, the connection breaks and I have to log in again, losing my entries in the panel I was working on.The cause of this condition is still being researched.

This can be prevented by turning off the mixed content notification. Usually if the notification does not come up, the connection does not break.

For IE, the end user should go into Tools / Internet Options / Security Tab / Custom Level / Settings: Miscellaneous (move the slider about half way down) and click on Enable on the “Display Mixed Content” item.

Users are advised that this enables their browsers to display non secure pages.

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