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Windows 7 Upgrade FAQs

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Why does "My Computer" freeze up and display a slow green progress bar?

– The "Green Bar" issue causes
mapped drives in Windows Explorer to "hang" with a spinner and the green bar at the top of Explorer begins to run.
This seems to occur randomly, but typically not right after boot up. It can take over a minute to complete. When using MS Office applications (Word, Excel, etc…), opening and saving files can be very slow and appear to "hang" as they attempt to access these drives. IT is working towards a solution for eliminating this behavior altogether, however, in the meantime, here are a few "quick fix" solutions you might use to help alleviate this "Green Bar" behavior:

Windows 7 "Green Bar" solutions


Are labs getting Windows 7 and Office 2010?

– Yes, all PC labs will be upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010 prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.


Are the Mac labs on campus being upgraded to a new OS also?

– No, the Mac labs will continue to use Mac OS 10.6 – Snow Leopard


Will IT be deploying Windows updates for my office computer?

– Yes, IT will continue to deploy Microsoft Updates to computers attached to the campus network. This deployment process will begin early in the Fall semester.


When will the Windows 7 upgrade be completed?

– IT anticipates the schedule for the Windows 7 upgrade to be completed the week of 8/15. There will be a small group of computers that will not be completed by that time, however, these will be upgraded outside of the traditional upgrade process as needed.


Is my computer being upgraded?
– All campus PC computers that are in our 4-year support cycle will be upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010.  Users whose primary computer is a Dell Optiplex 745 will also be receiving a hardware upgrade as part of our traditional 4 year replacement cycle.


I have a Mac with a dual boot configuration with WinXP/Mac OS. Will my computer be upgraded to Windows 7?

– Your upgrade will be scheduled following the initial deployment of Windows 7. Please contact the IT Help Desk at x2660 or to submit a request.


Is Windows 7/Office 2010 training available?
– There will be training workshops available through the IT Help Desk. You may contact them at or x2660. In addition, instructional materials will be delivered to your desk while our staff are performing the upgrade.

IT Training Workshops


Is Windows 7 and/or Office 2010 available for my home PC?
– Office 2010 media will be available as part of our Home Use Software program once the Summer upgrade begins. The disks can be picked up in the ITS dept. located in the Library, room 04. To verify availability, please call x2114. The cost of the media kit is currently $8.


Where can I find more information about Windows 7?

– here’s some helpful links to Microsoft Windows support sites.

       Windows 7 Help & How-to

       Windows 7 Features


What will happen to my software applications?
– We will still include the same standard applications you use with Windows XP now.  Specialized applications you use through the Zenworks Application Launcher will still be available, as will any apps that IT has purchased for you.  IT can not guarantee functionality for any applications you have purchased or downloaded without our involvement.


What is different about Office 2010?
– Very little has changed in the functionality of Office 2010 from what you are used to with 2007.  File extensions are the same, and the program still uses the ribbon menu system for navigation.  For a full break down see the chart below: