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TCNJ Mailman List Management System

TCNJ Mailman List Management System


Welcome to the webpage for the TCNJ Mailman email discussion list system. On this page you will find a number of links to help you create and/or maintain your discussion lists. The benefits of the new Mailman system versus the old ListProc system include:

  • Web-based list owner interface
  • Easy to perform mass subscription and unsubscription
  • Web-based list member subscription management interface
  • Moderated lists are much easier to manage
  • “Bounce” Detection removes unreachable subscriber addresses after a set number of delivery failures
  • Web interface for list archives
  • Context sensitive help for each option in the management interface


  • Mailman Mailing Lists are no longer available, Please use google groups as a replacement for this service.


Managing a list is a little different than creating one. There are three different web addresses to go to, and each one depends on whether you are going to manage administrator/owner options, moderator options, or regular member options. In each instance, the address (copy the one given below into your browser) must end in the name of the list (the part that includes the -L). Simply replace “listname”-l with the actual name of your list. See the following examples:

  • For List Administrators/Owners –”listname”-l
  • For List Moderators –”listname”-l
  • For List Members –”listname”-l

Click for complete list of Mailman Lists:


Note that the third address listed above should also be used if you wish to join an existing list. What’s the difference between an administrator/owner and a moderator? Well, all lists have administrators. They’re the ones who own the list. A list can be owned by one person or by several. A moderator is not an owner of the list. He or she cannot make changes to how the list is set up or run. What the moderator does is approve posts being sent to a list. This only applies to lists which are set up to hold all posts for approval before they’re sent to everyone on the list.


There is no online form for deleting a list. Simply contact the Help Desk, either via email to or by phone to 609-771-2660 (x2660 if you are on campus) and request that a support ticket be created to have the list deleted. Only list owners can make this request. Be sure to provide the full name of the list to be deleted, and let the Help Desk know that your list is on the Mailman List Management system.


Unlike the existing email lists, the new lists will not show up in the global address book. This means you will be unable to search for them to send email to them. However since you can only send email to lists to which you are subscribed anyway, this shouldn’t present that big an imposition. We recommend simply adding email lists to which you are subscribed to your email account’s address book so they’re always there when you need them.


Sending an a message with an attachment may prevent the message text from wrapping correctly. Removing the message footer in the admin interface is a work around for this issue. Message header and footer settings are found under the Non-digest options link. If you are not the list owner, contact your list admin to make the change.